NFF and VRBASE calls for creators, storytellers and developers to submit unexpected, uncanny, unforeseen and unbelieveable content they made that did not work out as expected. Share your experiences and learnings with the NFF audience and fellow professionals!

Curated and hosted by Daniël Doornink and Sara Lisa Vogl.

What? VR Do’s and Don’ts
When? Saturday 23 September, 19:30h
Where? NFF Festivalhart, Neude, Utrecht

At the Nederlands Film Festival (NFF), we want to have a discussion with creators about the aspects of their content that did not work out, turned out differently than expected or were a homerun success. What didn’t turn out as expected and what were the learnings that they took from this? We want to give insight in the development of these new media by giving the ‘unexpected treasures, fails and happy findings’ a podium. We believe that the unexpected fails and findings are advancing the industry just as successes are.Ever since the launch of the Oculus Rift Development Kit in early 2014, the Virtual Reality industry has been looking for great content and hardware that’s good enough technically to really put the viewer into Virtual Reality and feel ‘presence’. The industry refers to this as the chicken-or-egg dilemma: content creators are waiting for the hardware to become advanced enough, while hardware suppliers need high-quality content and content platforms in order to sell their headsets to consumers.The industry is trying to lead the way and setting examples of high-quality content with initiatives like Oculus Story Studio, Oculus DevLab and Google Spotlight Stories. We’ve also seen a lot of ‘bad’ content; experiments that didn’t work out once developed, were developed with limited resources or did not take into account the constraints of the early-stage hardware.

This state of the industry calls for a lot of experimentation in content creation. Both VR and AR (Augmented Reality) are new media without proven concepts and a (historic) body of knowledge. An idea or concept that looks perfect on paper might not work in VR at all once developed. With VR Do’s and Don’ts, NFF and VRBase will host a curiosity-driven evening during which we’ll explore unexpected rabbit holes. In order to make this happen, we’ll need your input!

How to apply?

Please submit your most surprising, least expected, best and worst projects via