During VR Days 2017 on October 26th in Amsterdam, VRBASE organises the BASE Investor-Event. In partnership with Colopl Next, Gumi, The VR Fund and Seedcamp, we welcome on stage EU’s crème de la crème of AR/VR startups in the areas of Healthcare and Education, Enterprise, Media, Arts, and Entertainment, looking for Seed & Early Stage investment.


We connect excellence in the limelight of the AR/VR industry by facilitating deal-flow with a Pitch session, 1-on-1 meetings, and an Exclusive Dinner that’ll follow. The startups will be selected by our VRBASE advisors who will be part of the jury at the event.


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With startups from over 30+ nationalities expected for this year, VR Days is Europe’s kernel of the AR/VR industry. We bridge creativity with business, and accelerate potential investments. The BASE Investor-Event is Europe’s place to be for investors to discover new startups looking for Early & Seed Stage investment.

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Happenings you are applying to

  1. Public Session               

For the public pitching session 10 selected startups will be given the opportunity to convince the audience of their creations.

  1. Closed Session             

In 1 on 1 Meetings with the gathered audience of investors is giving feedback to 20 selected startups.

  1. Dinner

Our venture and industry capital network invites the same 20 Startups to an exclusive dinner. This is an ideal opportunity to exchange and share stories with leading VCs.