Date: 27th July, 2017

Unless you’re an architect, it’s pretty tough (if not impossible) to visualise architectural concepts when all you have are 2D floor plans, illustrations, animations, or scale models. Luckily, VR is changing all of that. In this meetup we have invited Johan Hanegraaf and Dreamlake to share their view on the rapidly changing landscape and present on a selection of their projects.

Johan Hanegraaf, Mecanoo architecten and indie developer of, takes us through a brief history of architectural design tools, discussing how sketching, model making, ray-trace rendering, building information modelling, virtual reality and game technology have all affected architectural practice and how emerging tech will change the work and design process in the very near future.

Dreamlake is a company based in Utrecht which specialises in creating virtual reality content and platforms for business purposes. They have been developing VR technologies and applications since 2013 and have received an innovation prize from the Dutch Government.

Below are two of the projects that will be presented by Dreamlake:

  • For BPD, we developed a complete urban area in virtual reality, where future owners can feel immersed in how their future house and environment will look like.
  • We built a real time interior design application. This application enables customers to change a design, floor plan or interior in real time, if needed on basis of their own floor plan.

Zeno Koenigs is a communication designer working as a Creative at Digined, a creative/technical agency specialised in social media. He will be doing a short presentation on their latest project, a 18.000m2 office building in the harbour area of Amsterdam still in construction.


17.00-18.00 Walk-in

18.00-18.30 Johan Hanegraaf talk

18.30-18.35 Break

18.35-19.05 Dreamlake talk

19.05-19.20 Zeno Koenigs talk

19.20-20.00 Demos & drinks